Robert Howze, Jr., “The Pastor’s CPA”,

is a Certified Public Accountant who has exclusively serviced religious leaders and institutions for over 10 years. Robert is the founder of “The Pastor’s” and President of Legacy Consulting, Inc., which provides financial training to faith-based clients of all types and sizes. Robert also has significant expertise in church management systems.

The vision of Legacy Consultants, Inc. is to become a nationally recognized training organization that promotes seminars and conferences on stewardship for individuals and management compliance for churches and ministries.

The mission of Legacy Consultants, Inc. (LCI) is to create a generation of wealth builders that embrace the concept of legacy.

The goals of Legacy Consultants, Inc. are as follows:

Train and educate church leaders in the area of church management.
Train and educate church congregations in the area of wealth building.
Develop state of the art training seminars on church management and wealth building strategies.